We're Live!

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We're Live!

Hi all.  Many of you have found us through my photography review blog (tysonrobichaudphotography.wordpress.com) or our Instagram account (@nautistraps), so thank you for making the trip over.  

Nauti Straps is the new, grown up version of what I've been building and offering directly through my blog for the last few years.  After hundreds of straps hand built and sold, I've finally decided to legitimize this as an actual business, mostly to offer the ability to buy these without having to directly port to Paypal through my blog.  The new name just seemed to fit.

I'm looking forward to the continuing development of new straps using some of the best nautical rope I can source, and splicing techniques that I use working in the sailing industry all while providing unique photographic products from my own little corner of the world.  

Thanks for the support, and stay tuned for new color schemes, designs and deals.

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With all my best regards, happy shooting.