Brand new Genoa shoulder and Tommy wrist straps, now live!!!

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Brand new Genoa shoulder and Tommy wrist straps, now live!!!

We are excited, and proud to announce two new camera straps!  The Genoa is a 3/4" wide flat shoulder strap with a tubular construction that allows better weight distribution than a standard flat strap.  It won't cut into your neck and shoulders and provides a strong, light weight strap with a nice, contemporary look.  

The Tommy wrist strap is a completely new design, using a new Bavarian Check material spliced into a closed loop.  It is thicker than the Vector wrist strap, so it allows more weight to hang comfortably from your wrist.  The Tommy is the first Nauti wrist strap to attach via the quick release, stainless steel spring clasp as is found on all the shoulder and sling straps enabling a quick change if and when you want to switch from shoulder, to wrist strap on the fly.

The Genoa is available in a red/black or blue/black mottled material, or a solid black with reflective tracer for better visibility in darker settings.

The Tommy is adjustable via an O-ring, and is available in the new Red/Black or Blue/Black Bavarian Check, or solid Black with reflective tracer.

Thanks for the continued support!  Happy holidays, and happy shooting.