LeicaMonochrom.com reviews Nauti Straps!

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LeicaMonochrom.com reviews Nauti Straps!

Over the years, I've been lucky to meet and interact with many amazing photographers, reviewers, developers, manufacturers, writers and just generally cool people within the industry.  Andrea at Digital Silver Imaging (an amazing print lab that does digitally generated silver gelatin prints) is one of those people, and also runs a blog centered on the lovely Leica Monochrom camera at leicamonochrom.com

I'm working on a fun review of some print and framing options from DSI for my personal photography review blog (here) and had sent Andrea a couple straps as a thank you.  He decided to write up a review on the straps, which I'm really happy about.  You can read his review on the Cascade and Vector straps on his Leica Monochrom HERE.

I'd like to thank Andrea for the kind words, and express how excited I am that he enjoys, and sees these straps as a great value for the going price.  I share his enthusiasm for the Vector strap in that it is very light weight and low profile while still feeling comfortable, and at $25, won't break the bank.  It has been my go to strap.  Thanks man, much appreciated.

You can always let me know how you're feeling about your Nauti Straps, good, bad or otherwise by contacting me directly at info@nautistraps.com

Happy Summer and all the best,

Team Nauti