Speed2 Sling Strap - Shoulder

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Low profile, light weight (2.2oz), comfortable and strong over the shoulder sling style strap with a single connection to the camera via a quick release spring clasp and heavy duty 9/16" (15mm) split ring.  Hand spliced and hand whipped for ultimate security and strength.  Great for use over one shoulder, across the body with the camera at rest under one arm or the other.  The strap uses a blend of fibers utilized in applications where friction is frowned upon resulting in a nice, smooth travel that won't get hung up on your shirt, jersey or coat.  

The Speed2 Sling strap includes one 15mm split ring and one rubber O ring to attach to your camera.  The Speed2 Sling is adjustable in size between 16" and 29" (opening) to fit a range of shooters, as well as quickly tighten up when wanting to keep your camera more closely fit to your body. It is meant to wear across body like a messenger bag. (This strap is different than the Speed Holster strap as it does not include the under arm holster clip)

*Best used with smaller DSLRs, Mirrorless system cameras or compact camera setups under 2.5 lbs. 

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