About us

Hi and welcome to Nauti Straps.  My name is Tyson, and I've been custom building wrist and shoulder straps for years for adventurous photographers, friends and family.  Based in Spokane, Washington, I run this business with my lovely wife, Rachael.  I aim to create a unique and diverse offering of straps to satisfy any and every shooter.  I also enjoy designing and building very specialized straps for active photographers.  Outside of the straps you see here, I also custom build straps for sale in niche markets like climbing, mountaineering, snow sports, cycling and skateboarding.  Keep an eye out as I will be bringing many of those designs into the fold here on Nauti Straps as well.

I've worked in the yacht racing industry for 16 years, and have transferred my knowledge of high performance sailing line and many of the techniques I use in nautical rope splicing, tapering and finishing into my camera straps.  Every single strap we sell is hand made by me, here in the USA, and always will be.

We guarantee the construction of these straps for a year from the time you buy one, but will happily help refinish a well worn strap years down the road if ever the need arises, just ask.  I've been using many of mine on my various cameras daily for over 5 years and they're all still in great shape.  

The material I use is not the run of the mill, budget polyester rope.  I use what I use because the material is designed to hold up in very harsh conditions, translating to being able to handle our cameras in a variety of circumstances.  Moisture, UV and abrasion resistance is paramount to the materials I have my line built from.  I want each and every strap I build to literally last a lifetime, so everything I source is with that in mind.  I can't guarantee they will last a literal lifetime as everything has its limitations, but that won't stop me from trying, and I wouldn't be surprised to see these straps long outlive me.  I work with one of the largest rope manufacturers in the world to customize material and aesthetic in order to provide a unique, contemporary and extremely high quality hand built camera strap.  There are no machines used to build any of my straps.  These are 100%, hand made using longstanding nautical rope splicing techniques by my own two hands.  I perfected each and every design, using my own cameras before I chose to offer them for use on yours.

  • Every piece is hand built
  • I use very high end materials, ensuring strength, comfort and longevity
  • Designs are always evolving and new materials are being incorporated
  • I've been making camera straps since 2012
  • A literal "Mom and Pop" shop, run by my wife and myself
  • Contact us anytime at nautistraps@gmail.com

We love to collaborate, and you can see some of the fruits of prior collaborations in these designs.  I'm always interested in networking, so please feel free to fire off an email.

If you're not happy, I'm not happy so please contact me with any issues you may come across.  If you want to inquire about a custom color combo, or the like, just ask.  If I can do it, I will.  I'll work to make sure you enjoy your camera strap for years to come in any and every way I can.  Please help us spread the word!

With all our best,

Tyson and Rachael

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